Doctor Ida P. Rolf and Structural Integration

The originator of this work, Ida P. Rolf, was a woman of incredible vision.  Early on, she found herself in a community of people who were curious about how to improve bodily structure and behavior in movement.As a biochemist at the Rockefeller Center, she pioneered the study of 'fascia', the body's connective tissue.  She found that this system of tissue provides the shape and form of the body.  Ida Rolf was motivated by her curiosity to improve the balance and adaptability within the body, and address patterns of restriction that collide with gravity.  She was looking for 'ease' in the body, both in structure and movement.  Her goal was to achieve an upright posture that worked in harmony with gravity.  This led her to develop a ten- session series focused on bringing the body into greater balance.  Rolf's contributions to bodywork as a science continue to reverberate long after death.  You can learn more about Dr. Rolf and Rolfing Institute of Structural Integration at

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Midline Bodywork 2006

  • Biodynamic Cranial Sacral T​herapy, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration 2016​
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Mira Wood 

Certifications & Licenses

of Structural Integration

Phone/Text (541) 531-6776

  • Certified Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Institute of Structural Integration 2011

  • Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, MMC 2007

     Mira Wood has been providing quality bodywork since 2006.  She started her practice working as an Orthopedic Massage Therapist at Midline Integrative Bodywork in Santa Cruz, CA.  Specializing in Injury Rehabilitation work, her clientele consisted primarily of competitive athletes and people who suffered with pain from over use, or chronic injuries. 


 After completing the 500 hour Integrated Bodywork Program, Mira continued her education with Yoga Teacher Training at Mt Madonna Center, to better understand the body in motion.  She concurrently went through her first Rolfing 10-series.  Mira experienced dramatic change: no more chronic pain from an old lower back injury, more flexibility, better adaptability, and more balance after completing the 10-series process. 


 From her first introduction to facia work in massage school, Mira knew she wanted to be able to effect change in the fascial matrix, but it wasn't until after going through the 10-Series that she decided to become a Rolfer of Structural Integration.  The Rolfing 10-Series had produced such profound pain release for Mira, it was something she wanted to share with her clients.  Mira graduated from the Rolf Institute in 2011.  She now works in Southern Oregon with an office in Central Point.  It is her joy to bring this amazing process to her clients; come share the experience!